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I love to write fiction. Lovvvvvvve it. But a sad fact of life is that making an income from writing books can be… iffy at best. Sales rise and fall, retail outlets collapse, all sorts. Regardless, I want to devote more time to writing the stuff that I love, especially the┬áDEAD(ish) and┬áDEAD(ish) Allsorts books. So…
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The Art of Asking Questions

‘Questioning’ is an admirable trait, right? It brings to mind someone who isn’t happy with their current view of the world; someone who is always wanting to know more. So why is that honest questions are sometimes answered with outright hostility? A sense that you’re not 100% sincere Some people – intentionally or not –…
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A woman in a white dress lies on her back in a pool of blood, crying.

How to Publish an Ebook

Write a book. Edit it thoroughly. Edit it thoroughly again, bemoaning your lack of thoroughness in step 2. Give it to someone else to edit. Swallow your pride and actually make the changes suggested, if they’re good ones. Carefully hand-code the book in HTML. Convert to ebook format. Upload. Wait, and bleed.