New book! Podcast! Excitement!

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New book! Podcast! Excitement!

A city skyline at sunset. A speech bubble emerging from a tall building says, "I'm gonna need another vomit bag." Another speech bubble, emerging from a building across town, says, "Shut up shut up SHUT THE HELL UP!"

I’m thrilled to announce my next venture – a collaboration with Stephen O’Connor. It’s called The Other Shoe, and it tells the story of some very unusual people and their fight for what they think is right.

I’m serialising the book in both written and audio podcast form over on Patreon. If you’re a supporter, you can access the podcast automatically through whatever podcast software you use; if you aren’t, you’ll be able to listen to each episode as it’s released on the site. The text version, as usual, is available for supporters only.

Listen to the first episode now.

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