Woohoo! Renovation: Hell done

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Woohoo! Renovation: Hell done

It’s 9:30pm on a Friday night. I’m at a slightly loose end. I’ve just sent out copies of Renovation: Hell, the latest book in the DEAD(ish) Allsorts series, and now – for a brief few hours – I don’t have a primary work in progress.

Of course, that will change tomorrow. Then I flip over to the next book in the queue – something new and a little scary for me. It’s a book that I’m co-authoring with my partner Steve. It’s called The Other Shoe, and it’s set in a world where people can have superpowers… but only if they’re disabled. That should be… interesting. 😀

Me being me, I’ll also be working on a DEAD(ish) project. I have a long-term background book that’s a little bit odd – with any luck I can unveil it early next year.

Patrons, I hope you got your Renovation: Hell ebooks without dramas! People who haven’t signed up as patrons: it will be released in all the usual retailers on 2 December.

Pre-order now:

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