DEAD(ish) Book 6 and my nerves are a bit frayed

I’m happy, I’m nervous, I’m thrilled and scared stiff.

(rebounding) DEAD will be released on the 17th August – just two weeks away. I’m happy and thrilled because I love writing and putting it out into the public eye. I’m nervous and scared because OMG what if y’all don’t like it?

As you can probably imagine, my writing style has changed a bit over the years. But when I started writing (rebounding) DEAD, I swear it wasn’t just a tendency to get more verbose that was going on. Nope, the characters took up residence in my head and decided to tell me a story way more involved than usual. So instead of the short and sweet novelette that you usually get with a DEAD(ish) book, this one’s more of a… novella. Actually, you know, I think it might be the longest book I’ve ever written. Let’s face it, I’m not generally the wordy type. But this book has a number of characters who all wanted to get their points of view across:

  • Linda, of course. A bit more mouthy, and maybe a bit kinder.
  • Prudence, who is doing her best to follow the rules and is a bit disconcerted at the lack of said rules.
  • Trent, long-suffering and devoted to helping out with whatever wild scheme Linda might bring him.
  • Reverend Jones, the holiest man in existence, except for most.
  • Grim, a female demon with a soft spot for Linda.
  • Barb, a hostile damned soul who can’t bring herself to believe in Heaven.

I think most writers suffer from ambivalent feelings whenever we release a book. They’re little bits of us, exposed to the world, which can make it bloody nerve-wracking! But I wouldn’t be releasing (rebounding) DEAD if, logically speaking, I wasn’t fairly sure that this is another awesomely fun book that you’ll enjoy reading. I just… need to take a few moments occasionally to wibble uncertainly. 😀

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