Welcome, pre-deceased human!

Enjoy a little bit of the Afterlife right here on Earth

I’m Linda. I’ll be your guide around the place.

I can help you figure out what the Hell is going on – for example, what that demented author has done with the stories of my adventures. Two different series? Another one threatened? What is her damage? Or maybe you just want to know a bit more about the Afterlife, and what you can expect after you die. Funnily enough, a few people have opined that if you’re reading these Deadish books, you’re going to Hell. Whoops. Sorry about that. But hey, maybe I’ll see you there! I pop down for a visit occasionally.

7 book covers: Dead(ish), Technically Dead, Dead as a Doorpost, Imminently Dead, Dead and Hellbent, Rebounding Dead, Dead in Paradise

Latest News

Every now and then, that demented wordsmith decides to pen some communique about what she’s up to. I say ‘every now and then’ to be kind; it’s more like once in a blue moon. Here are some blog posts straight from the cow’s mouth. So to speak.

A city skyline at sunset. A speech bubble emerging from a tall building says, "I'm gonna need another vomit bag." Another speech bubble, emerging from a building across town, says, "Shut up shut up SHUT THE HELL UP!"

New book! Podcast! Excitement!

I’m thrilled to announce my next venture – a collaboration with Stephen O’Connor. It’s called The Other Shoe, and it tells the story of some very unusual people and their fight[…]

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Cover of Dead in Paradise - features a ghost in sunglasses lying in a hammock between two palm trees on a beach.

Deadish book 7 is out!

Dead in Paradise hit the shelves early this month! Much excitement for me, because I’m still pinching myself when I realise that this is book 7 in the series. You can get[…]

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a ghost wearing sunglasses lies relaxing in a hammock tied to two palm trees on a beach

Sneak Peek: Dead in Paradise

Recap: [spoiler title=”See minor spoiler for Renovation: Hell”]Linda was on an (unofficial?) mission to help out the ruler of Hell when Flavius, Sephenia’s ill-mannered and condescending replacement, gave her a[…]

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