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Reading Order for Deadish books

Chronological order


Deadish book 1

Linda's had a bad day. First her boyfriend killed her. Then she woke up, still on this boring plane of existence, and with an odd obsession about her missing body. Mike won't tell her what he did with her body, and she can't find the stupid thing herself. There's only one thing she can do - torment the bastard until he coughs up the information.

Follow the Light

Deadish Allsorts book 1

Linda's just seen Mike convicted and put in jail. That looses her ties to Earth, and frees her to finally go to her afterlife. Now she has a new challenge - adapting to being forever dead.

Lee Ming

Deadish Allsorts book 2

Linda wakes up to an elderly Chinese woman standing next to her bed - one who doesn't seem to speak a word of English. Now she has to figure out who the woman is, and what the hell she's doing in Linda's bedroom.

Technically Dead

Deadish book 2

Cooper's dead. But what's a nerd to do when Heaven doesn't believe in technology, and hell's hotter than an overclocked CPU? Panicking and running away back to Earth seems a perfectly logical reaction, especially since his beloved computer hasn't come with him. Of course, what to do then is a bit of a puzzle that only Linda can solve...

Dead as a Doorpost

Deadish book 3

John's dead. He's pretty happy about it, actually. So's his wife, Melissa. Linda, on the other hand, suspects foul play - and she's not going to rest until she finds out what happened.

Imminently Dead

Deadish book 4

Geordie and Lazarus are back, and they have a big problem. Someone's sending death threats to Geordie, and he's afraid that he'll soon be relegated to an afterlife of wandering the earth, giving fashion advice to the passé living. Can Trent and Linda save him from his fate?

Dead and Hellbent

Deadish book 5

Mike is days away from getting out of jail. But he has a big problem - he's being tormented again. This time, it's extra nasty. He's convinced that Linda is back to make his life hell. Linda was enjoying Heaven until Mike started screaming for her attention. She's not interested in helping him, though - she just wants him to go the hell away. Trent, as usual, is given the job of working out what the hell is going on.

Running Mike

Deadish Allsorts book 3

Mike escaped from Barb's torment with a well-aimed bullet to his brain. But life doesn't end at death, and Mike's now stuck in Hell with the exact person who was out to get him all along. 'Not a happy camper' is an understatement.

Rebounding Dead

Deadish book 6

Prudence always wanted to go to Heaven. But now she's discovering that the afterlife isn't all harps and clouds. She has a new mentor - Linda - and some very confusing information to assimilate. First step: find out how she died, and why she keeps bouncing between Heaven and Earth like an out-of-control tennis ball.

Renovation: Hell

Deadish Allsorts book 4

Grim spent millennia building her rebellion against Satan, but was caught just before she managed to carry it out in full. Now she's being punished by the powers that be; quite unfairly, she wants Linda to help. Well, hell, Heaven does get boring after a few years...

Dead in Paradise

Deadish book 7

Paul isn't dead. He just meditated so much that he ascended to a new plane of consciousness. Isn't that what spiritual retreats are for? Linda's job just got harder. Not only does she need to figure out how this pain in the arse died, she also has to convince him that he's actually dead. Which, she'd like to point out, he totally is.

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